Welcome to my carrd!

He/Him, 🇨🇴, 17, ♑, ENFP, multifandom, mostly SFW

gaming, manga and comics, anime, webtoons, books, animation, illustration, & music

loud noises, gore, hateful & toxic behaviour, hot weather

  • Homophobic, Lesbophobic, Transphobic, etc...

  • Xenophobic

  • Misogynist

  • Sexist

  • Racist

  • Support pedophilia, incest, zoophilia, & vore

  • Too much NSFW

  • Don't respect pronouns

  • Please be at least +15 in order to follow me (if I follow you first, no problem)

  • Various tematics, mostly focused in "Tokyo Afterschool Summoners"

  • Some tweets can be /j or /srs

  • Fast likes, RTs, & comments when interacting to you

  • My accounts are (mostly) a SFW space, so feel free to interact with me!

  • Not spoiler-free

  • Often RT to fan-arts & artworks

  • Some tweets can have mature speech

  • Soft Block (block & unblock instantly, not just block) to unmutual

  • Español OK, Português OK

Coming soon!